We had a great performance of the play 'Wine Country' as our public debut at the San Francisco Theater Festival on July 27, 2008. We are currently planning our next project so stay tuned!

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Who We Are
photo by Alison Weismiller
Untitled5 is a new theater troupe in San Francisco, whose members are:

  • Jennifer Pauly (artistic director)
  • Jenoa Harlow
  • Michael McDonald
  • David Usner

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Untitled5 was birthed from Jim Jarrett's Meisner Technique School of Acting here in San Francisco. We have trained together for years, developing a shared way of working and setting a high standard for the authenticity of our work.

Untitled5 believes that relationships play a pivotal role in the expression seen on the stage. Relationships grow out of the deep connection that the actors have with each other and flow vibrantly onto the stage, giving the cast the ability to reach out and touch the audience.